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Prevent Tooth Decay

Highly effective in preventing decay on the biting surfaces of your chewing teeth, dental sealants are a simple procedure in which a tooth-colored acrylic "coating" is painted onto the surface of the tooth. This effectively "seals" the deep grooves, acting as a barrier and protecting enamel from plaque and acids.

Sealants protect the depressions and grooves of your teeth from food particles and plaque that brushing and flossing can't reach.

Easy to apply, sealants take only a few minutes to seal each tooth. Sealants hold up well under the force of normal chewing and can last several years before a reapplication is needed.

Children and adults can benefit from sealants in the fight against tooth decay.

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Very nice staff. Great experience. Very clean. Definitely recommended for anyone that needs a dentist

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We've been looking for a new Dentist and we finally found one. Great staff right from when you walk in the door to making a follow up appointment. Hygienists were very personable and very thorough. Comfortable/tasteful waiting area and nice clean offices. Both Dr. DiNinno's stopped in to welcome us to the practice and Dr. DiNinno III went over any concerns without rushing and only recommended treatment of issues that should be immediately addressed. Very happy !!!

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